• Fully enclosed and secure camping area
  • Snack bar


Summer attractions in Mikołajki involve wide choices of water sports (sailing, fishing, swimming), cycling, horse riding various leisure walks along the lake shore. Further attractions for nature-watchers include sightseeing Masurian Landscape Park with its rich fauna and flora or visiting the settlement of Popielno (situated only a few kilometers from Mikołajki), with the unique stud farm of Polish primitive horses genetically close to the extinct tarpans.
In the Mikolajki Marina visitors may participate in shanty concerts or embark on a pleasure boat going along the trails of Great Masurian Lakes or try a ride on the cable ferry.
Teutonic castle from the second half of the 14th century
The Boyen Fortress with a museum inside, swing bridge on the Łuczański Canal – o monument of technology from the 19th century, wing of the Teutonic castle from the 15th century, rebuilt in the 16th century and at the beginning of the 17th century
The Picnic Country and the western style town Mrongoville
Hitle military headquarters
Święta Lipka
Baroque church – basilica from 1687-1693, so-called "pearl of northern Poland"
Old Orthodox Church monastery from the 19th century, Orthodox church from the early 20th century
Wild Animals Park